Gossip Girl Wink

There are Blake , Leigthon, Ed and Chace, for sure; but we can't forget one of the most important protagonist of Gossip Girl show...THE MACARON :-p. 

Last episode of second season Chuck gives to Blair Pierre Hermé macaron.

After a wink to the Pierre Hermé one in the season 2, it's the Ladurée  world-renowned "pâtisserie" which is the place of honor in the last season. We could see Serena walking in the parisian streets (that's an amazing picture)  the mythical green bag going with Blair and her trendy girly macaron box, in the first episode of the season. 

But the best tribute was in the 8th episode. In fact Blair is in her bath appreciating (an other amazing picture :-) ) pistachio little cakeslike a cure to forget her love for Chuck. 
I approove of macaron can be the best way to escape to the world, a temptation against other temptation, a sweet escape.