Versace 2009/2010

Because of the heat, white color is "de rigueur", as we can see in many show like  the Jill Sander one. Also shirts, tops, pants and short are light, large but adjusted with the body.

Now be well-dressed in all the occasion is normal and advised. If you wanna go to the beach or just take a drink in a lounge bar like the design one Zandoli in Trois-Ilets, you must be and you must have. It's the dandy and Woods'n Lily philosophy.

Thus Versace understand our desire and offer us a really great ready to wear fashion show for different kind of using.

A timless collection of spring and summer clothes with soft cloth and leather, a mix of brown and beige which give a feelings of nature, it' only beautiful.

Morevover, you can replace the classic shoes with a John Galliano spartiat, this for a holiday style.

Enjoy Happy Fews.